About Pannela

Pannela is sweet the way nature intended…

What is Pannela?

Pannela is a unique, healthy and refreshing drink made from panela (unrefined cane juice). To obtain panela, sugar canes are carefully washed and squeezed in tropical valley farms in Central and South America. This juice is gently evaporated with a natural process that involves no refinement or additives. The result is a natural, unrefined product that preserves all its minerals and vitamins and is naturally sweet.

Then panela is mixed with water, natural lime to obtain this great tasting and healthy drink. Pannela is 100% natural with no preservatives, no refined sugar or sweeteners added as well as caffeine and sodium free.

Pannela was inspired by a local beverage homemade in South and Central America. Also known as Aguapanela, Papelón con Limón, Raspadura or Agua de Sapo.

For decades cyclists in Colombia have used panela as their secrect energy source to excel in high demanding competitions worldwide.


Panela the ingredient

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